Welcome to the website of the women's shelter of Mannheim e.V.

We offer protection, assistance and guidance for women and their children who have experienced domestic violence by our women's shelter, our protected flats an our women's counselling centre. We turn officially against violence on women and their children. We support women in living a life without violence.

Women's shelter

Are you beaten or reviled by your husband, partner or family or don't you receive money for food and clothes? Does he say that he will kill you one day or take away your children? Have you already thought that it can't go on like this? Did you want to go away, but didn't know where to?

You'll get protection in the women's shelter with your children as well as a flat and advice. Woman from age of 18 onwards may come to us, with or without disabilities, independent their nationality, income or way of life.

We assist you at reviewing the domestic violence, developing new life perspectives, applications at authorities, legal affairs up to all themes related to a new own flat. You may live in our women's shelter as long as a new own flat or another solution has been found.

If you want the violence to stop but the marriage/partnership to continue, we may offer on demand couple, family or relatives discussions.

If you would like to split up, we may offer on demand parental discussions about the right of contact and of access and about the right of custody.

You children will as well receive help. We have a small kindergarten. We will help you to find the right school or a kindergarten place. The children may talk to us about their fears and wishes.

If you come to our women's shelter please carry along the following items:
Passport, identity card, card of health insurance, certificate of birth for your children, money, bank card, medicaments, clothes for you and your children, school supplies/affairs, cuddly toys or toys in general.

If you aren't able to call us yourself, please send a fax, mail or let someone else call in your name. We will fax or mail you everything important in return. We will write you how to get to us or we will pick you up at a meeting point or will come with the police to your flat.

You may reach us personally Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00. Otherwise answering machine with call-back.

Telephone: 06 21 / 74 42 42
Fax: 06 21 / 74 42 43
E-mail: frauenhaus@frauenhaus-fiz.de